Hey friends!

I’m Emily Stanley.  I live in Charlotte, NC, with my husband and our rescue dog Koda- who happens to be my BOLD mascot! I love reading, cross-stitch, lifting weights, baking, listening to music, and coaching ice skating.

I grew up in Michigan and escaped the cold to come south and attend Davidson College. I majored in Anthropology and decided that four years of higher education wasn’t enough- I followed that up with a Masters in Teaching from Queens University. 

I taught fourth and fifth grade for several years, and saw first hand the the challenges girls were facing every day. From peer pressure on social media, to stress about the political climate and racial unrest, to unequal enforcement of school dress codes- you name it, kids are dealing with it. 

Although I left the classroom behind for a corporate job, my heart is still set on working with the next generations. When Susan Hyatt opened her BOLD facilitator certification in 2020, I jumped on the chance to participate!

I can’t wait to bring the message of BOLD to as many girls as possible- I want to be the mentor for them that I needed when I was growing up.

Parenting is super hard. You need support to raise up strong kids, and it’s not always easy to find.

I see you. I hear you. I’m holding space for you. I’m here to help.

My Values

I believe in God and am thankful for the many blessings He has brought me. 

I believe that Black Lives Matter, that love is love, and that science is real. 

I believe in collaboration over competition.

I believe that anyone can make a difference, and that each of us possess unique gifts. 

I believe in each and every girl who participates in BOLD. 

This is Koda. 

She may be a dog, 

but she’s also a BOLD girl!  

Koda was abandoned, badly injured, and kept at Animal Control for several months before we brought her home. She was underweight, needed surgery for a broken femur, and had scars all over. She was also the HAPPIEST, most loving dog. Thankfully, she’s gained weight and her injuries have healed- she still has scars but they don’t stop her! 

Koda believes that everyone wants to be her friend. She thinks that every day is the best day. She gets joy from the simple things- running at top speed in our backyard, eating peanut butter, playing with a tennis ball. She knows that she is loved and valued. She also rocks very stylish bandanas.

What is BOLD?

The original BOLD curriculum was developed by Susan Hyatt, master certified Life Coach, in conjunction with a team of teachers, child psychologists, and girls from ages 8-18. This amazing program is being implemented in schools, clubs, and sports teams around the country. 

The modules of BOLD will help your daughter:

-take care of herself, physically and mentally,

-become aware of how media influences her,

-stop listening to Mean Girls, especially the one in her head,

-gain confidence in her body,

-build friendships that make her feel good about herself, 

-and be confident enough to stand up for herself and for causes she believes in!

In this crazy world, girls need a safe space. They need a place to learn the right tools to cope with stress, positive ways to express themselves, and connections with like-minded peers and mentors. BOLD is that place!

Girls need a safe space to be themselves.
BOLD is that place!