The BOLD Box

Young girls have always faced challenges growing up- but this generation of kids seems to be facing even more due the digital age we live in.

Our girls are exposed to so much content on a daily basis which heightens issues around body image, self esteem, friendship, mindset, and more. Peer pressure used to come only from classmates and neighbors- but now the pressure’s on screens at our fingertips 24/7.


It’s totally normal to feel unsure about how to address the current pressures. Because in reality, girls today are dealing with different experiences than we did.

One of the things I love about the work I do is that I get to create resources that help you as the parent feel more prepared and equipped as you initiate and manage these conversations with your daughters around deeper issues.

I know that as a parent, you’ve noticed more negative influences around social media, friends, and more. You may sense your daughter feeling down about herself and not good enough. She isn’t seeing the good things about herself that you see, and her confidence is low.

And what you really want is...

  • To bring a more positive influence into her life.
  • To help her step into her confidence.
  • To show her she’s not alone in what she’s going through.
  • For her to know she’s good enough exactly how she is.
  • For her to realize the positive qualities about herself- even the ones that aren’t always noticed by teachers or friends.
  • For her mental and emotional health to improve after the stressors of the pandemic and virtual school.

You realize that your daughter needs more support than what she is getting at school or at home.

Introducing... The BOLD Box.

For all those reasons and more, I’ve created The BOLD Box- a curated monthly experience designed to help young girls learn more about themselves, build their positive mindset, and increase confidence to show up braver, bolder, and more fully themselves. 

Here's what's included-

Each box features a new theme!
Each month's box includes printed materials- content guide, activity instructions, and biography info.
Sample boxes shown- monthly contents will vary.
Each box also includes parent notes and family discussion questions!

When your girl experiences The BOLD Box...

She will be braver, standing up for herself and causes she believes in!

She will create goals from a place of deep determination!

She will allow herself to truly own who she is!

She will step into her power as a leader- both now and in the future!

She will have more meaningful friendships and connections!

She will stop devaluing and judging herself based on false comparisons with social media!

She will start recognizing her own gifts and talents, and the good she can create in the world!

She will do amazing things from a place of deeper self-belief!

She will continue to use the tools from each month to reflect and grow from a BOLD girl into a BOLD woman!

How will it feel for you to see your daughter step into herself in this way?

How will it feel for you to witness your daughter show up for herself in a bolder way?

Who will she give herself permission to be?

As parents, we see THE MOST AMAZING qualities and capabilities in our children. Ones that they don’t always see in themselves- especially in a world that is telling them they need to be something different in order to fit in.

THE BOLD BOX is your gift to your daughter, designed to help her see the best version of herself. A gift to help her build confidence to fully embrace all of who she is… and who she is growing to be!

Choose Your Plan

Choose a plan and subscribe today. We ship on or around the 5th of each month. You can cancel your renewal anytime- there are no contracts. Shipping is a flat fee of $8 for each monthly box. We currently ship anywhere within the United States.

Month to Month

$ 50

3 Month Prepay

$ 45
  • 10% Savings!

6 Month Prepay

$ 42
  • 15% Savings!
Best Value

Give BOLD as a gift!

The BOLD Box makes a great gift for your niece, granddaughter, goddaughter, neighbor, or student! Help her to grow and appreciate her gifts while providing a great topic of conversation and a shared activity for the two of you- even over long distance!

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The Fine Print

We strive to make every box awesome- but if you’re not completely satisfied with your experience you can cancel your membership at any time.

You must cancel at least two days prior to your renewal date in order to avoid being charged for the next subscription payment. 

If your membership has already renewed and you want to cancel an upcoming shipment, you must contact us prior to the 30th of the month to be eligible for a refund. (For example, you must contact us by March 30th to receive a refund for the April box.) If you do not contact us prior to the 30th you are not eligible for a refund for the next month’s box. 

We do not offer refunds on boxes that have already shipped. Contact us at if you have any questions.