Parent testimonials:

“Activities, new friends, learning what bold means, confidence… so much! She looked forward to it every week. After the 1st session she thought it was daily and was totally ok with that, LOL!”

– C.M.

“They have absolutely LOVED this time, and were so so excited after yesterday’s call they told their grandma all about it and about how excited they were for today as well! Thank YOU again for sharing this opportunity! It is such a blessing!!”

– M.S.

Girl testimonials:

“It has really opened up my eyes and helped me through a really tough time and it is continuing to help. It’s not just girly girl topics. It’s real heartfelt conversations, no lying needed.”

– Olivia

“I would tell them [other girls] to join BOLD because I really enjoyed it! It boosted my confidence and inspired me to do new things I thought I could never do.”

– Anonymous

“I would tell them [other girls] BOLD helps with friendships, social media, body image, and more. It is so much fun!”

– Allison

“I would recommend BOLD because going through middle school can be tough. It helped me think more positively and help heal their friendships. BOLD can help them [other girls] get through it too.”

– Lydia